Brand new constructions in Irvine awaits you with Plan 2 at Muse at Cadence Park. With Plan 2 at Muse at Cadence Park, your family will enjoy the best Irvine has to offer. With three floors of luxurious accommodations awaiting you. The porch flows into an entryway with a coat closet and stairway to the second floor. Guests will love being so close to the guest suite, a spacious room complete with its own closet, bathroom, and shower with a seat. At the end of the hallway, you’ll find the two-car garage. The kitchen offers ample counter space, a deep pantry, and gourmet touches like a kitchen island. The open-concept layout effortlessly transitioning the space from cooking to dining and entertaining, out on the fresh air of the deck. Bring your favorite blankets from the linen closet by the powder room before heading to the third floor. A laundry room lets you enjoy warm towels fresh from the dryer, with the home’s second bedroom right down the hall. At the opposite end of this level lies the master suite, offering the ultimate in luxury and seclusion. Lounge in the spacious bedroom or treat yourself with a warm shower in the glamorous master bath. A bench lets the warm water effortlessly wash over you, with a massive walk-in closet and his & hers sinks to get you ready to start the day. Photos are a rendering of the model home, current home is under construction and will be ready for delivery in Nov. 2018.


全新的结构在尔湾等着你的计划2的缪斯女神的节奏在公园。 与计划2的缪斯女神的节奏在公园了,你的家庭将享受到更好的欧文提供的。 有三个层的豪华的住宿,等待你。 门廊流入口处有一个衣橱和楼梯到二楼。 客人可会喜欢如此靠近的套房、一间宽敞的房间完全有自己的衣柜,卫生间和淋浴有一个座位。 在结束走廊,您将发现的两辆车的车库。 厨房提供充足的空间、储藏室和美倒像厨房的岛屿。 开放式布局毫不费力的过渡的空间,从烹饪餐厅和娱乐,在新鲜的空气中的甲板上。 带来您最喜爱毛毯从亚麻织品衣橱由粉末室,然后前往三楼。 一个洗衣房间可以让你享受温暖的浴巾新鲜烘干机,与homeâ元的第二卧室下大厅。 在相反的末端的这种水平的谎言的掌握套房,提供在奢侈品和隐居。 休息室在宽敞的卧室,或者把自己与一个温暖的浴在迷人的主浴室。 一台可以温暖的水毫不费力地洗过你,与一个庞大的走的-在壁橱里和他和她汇到让你准备好要开始新的一天。 照片都描绘的模型的家,当前的主页正在建设,将准备交付。 2018年。