Free Standing Two Story Townhouse with a Patio and Private play area. In the heart of Arcadia, is a complex of 50 unit townhouses, and this is the only free standing unit, located in the back east corner with its own garden area. The unit is just under 2200 sqft, 3 bedrooms and 3 baths and laundry area. The kitchen was completely remodeled with all new cabinets and granite counters, title floors and new lighting. Crown molding was added down stairs and also in the master bedroom. The fireplace was upgraded with a marble hearth and mantel. The downstairs bathroom shower was re-tiled. Ceiling fans were added to the bedrooms for continuous air flow.


免费的常设两个故事的别墅一个天井和私人游乐区。 中心的阿卡迪亚,是一个复杂的50个单元的别墅,并且这是唯一免费的常设单元,位于东部的角与其自己的花园区。 该部只是在2200平方英尺、3间卧室和3个浴室和洗衣房。 厨房是完全改造与所有新的柜子和花岗石台,标题楼和新的照明。 冠塑加入下楼梯,还在主卧室。 壁炉升级有一个大理石壁炉和壁炉架上。 楼下的浴室淋浴是重新瓷砖。 吊扇被添加到卧室为连续的空气流动。